Children's Training Centre (CTC)

CTC aims for nothing less than excellence in every aspect of education.

Not merely educating the cognitions of our teaching staff and students, but their whole person.


What We Do

CTC is a fee-paying learning centre, and its medium of instruction is English. It occupies 2 shop-office lots partitioned for Primary (including Kindergarten) and Secondary levels. All grades admit students after an assessment test to evaluate their readiness or previous/last school grade. Enrolment is open to refugees between 5 and 18 years, beginning with Kindergarten.

3 key subjects are taught: Math, Science, and English. Computer and digital media are introduced in the higher grades.

There are three semesters in a school year, with regular term breaks and annual vacations. Grades are awarded on academic performance in their regular examinations, class work, as well as general behaviour. Upon obtaining a satisfactory total grade point, a student will be automatically promoted to a higher grade. Parent-Teacher Interviews are conducted twice a year to keep the student’s family informed of their progress, or address outstanding issues.

CTC maintains adjacent premises for its primary and secondary school. The learning centre is equipped with a small library, computer lab, wi-fi access, AV equipment for online learning, and assembly hall.
CTC is not only focused on academic pursuits. Students are expected to participate in all activities which will include development of life-skills, outdoor sports and recreation, and annual performances.