Children's Training Centre (CTC)

CTC aims for nothing less than excellence in every aspect of education.

Not merely educating the cognitions of our teaching staff and students, but their whole person.

Awards & Thanksgiving Evening, Dec 17, 2022

Teachers, Students and Volunteers of CTC for the year 2022 were recognized and appreciated in this simple yet joyous event. Held at SJKC Wangsa Maju, about 200 people turned up to rejoice and give thanks to the LORD for all He’d done throughout 2022 in and for CTC.

Here are some highlights of the event captured and produced by our volunteer from Singapore, Ms Winnie Lim Su Lin.

On a fine Saturday evening, on Dec 10, around 3pm, a group of volunteers from Wesley Methodist church came by to spread some cheer. They came bearing gifts of games, food and their valuable presence. The students had a rollicking time with these volunteers in singing carols, playing games, and receiving gifts.

Final quarter of 2022

Things happen at a blistering pace at CTC. The past two months saw the successful completion of our Gift of Hope 2.022 Charity Concert and Dinner. Thanks to our faithful contributors, we raised a commendable amount of RM154,000.00 after expenses. All monies are audited under our NGO, Communitas Wangsa Maju Berhad.

Final semester examinations are due on Dec 7th through 9th. And then comes our end-of-the-year Awards/Thanksgiving Evening scheduled for Dec 17th. Finally, all the hard-working staff of CTC takes a well-deserved rest after our retreat scheduled for Dec 19 through 21st.

In the meantime, we have the International Medical University’s Dental faculty following up on their dental screening visits in August and September with some of our CTC students going there for further treatment on Nov 22, 23, and 29th (thank you IMU!).

Teacher Development Sessions

Our teachers continued with their teacher development under Ms. Leela Dass, a former Ministry of Education Master Teacher Trainer on Tuesday, Nov 15th. You will find her video interview with our Teacher Joyse beside and her latest profile here.

We are thankful to Ms Leela Dass for her labor of love. Ms. Leela is a corporate trainer in all matters relating to the usage of English in the workplace. She holds special qualifications in TESOL from London.